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For Developers 

SpinupWP: 2022 Year in Review

TL;DR – I sold the plugins side of the business to WP Engine, a small contingent is continuing on with me, focused entirely on SpinupWP. We had a blast of a SpinupWP company retreat, shipped lots of awesome stuff, and despite some sputtering on the marketing side, it...

For IT 

Cloudflare Pages Goes Full Stack

When we announced Cloudflare Pages as generally available in April, we promised you it was just the beginning. The journey of our platform started with support for static sites with small bits of dynamic functionality like setting redirects and custom headers. But we...

Tackling Email Spoofing and Phishing

Today we’re rolling out a new tool to tackle email spoofing and phishing and improve email deliverability: The new Email Security DNS Wizard can be used to create DNS records that prevent others from sending malicious emails on behalf of your domain. This...