Easy Atlassian Toolbox

Easy Bitbucket

Distributed version control system that makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team.

  • Code collaboration on steroids

    • Approve code review more efficiently with pull requests. Hold discussions right in the source code with inline comments.
  • Git that massively scales

    • Have uninterrupted access with Bitbucket Data Center. Avoid performance degradation as your workload increases.
  • Flexible deployment models

    • Enjoy flexible deployment models for teams of all sizes and needs. Host it in our cloud or manage it on your servers.
  • Unlimited private repositories

    • Get unlimited private and public repositories with Bitbucket. Bitbucket Cloud is free for small teams of 5.


SourceTree is a powerful Git and Mercurial desktop client for developers on Mac or Windows.

Say goodbye to the command line and use the full capabilities of Git and Hg through SourceTree’s beautifully simple interface.

HipChat Server

Group and private chat, file sharing, and integrations

  • Team chat that’s actually built for business

    • Persistent, searchable, and loaded with goodies: video calling, screen sharing, and the security your IT team craves.
    • Stop losing momentum with reply-to-all wars and buried email messages. Cut to the chase with @mentions and get the answer you need.
  • Run it on everything

    • Does your team want fast native apps? Cool, we built them from scratch: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and yes, even Linux. Fear not, people who hate installing things: There’s also a web app.
  • Liberate yourself from your desk

    • HipChat lets you bring the office with you wherever you go. Work from home, the train, your kid’s soccer game, your neighbor’s cousin’s bat mitzvah, you get the idea.
  • Serious integrations

    • Stay in the know with notifications, APIs, and integrations for JIRA, Bitbucket, GitHub, Heroku, Zendesk, Mailchimp, and like…80+ more.


Continuous delivery from code to deployment

Bamboo is a continuous integration and delivery tool that ties automated builds, tests and releases together in a single workflow. It works great alongside JIRA Software and Bitbucket Server providing a fully traceable deployment pipeline.


Java and Groovy code coverage

Clover provides the metrics you need to better balance the effort between writing code that does stuff, and code that tests stuff.

Clover runs in your IDE or your continuous integration system, and includes test optimization to make your tests run faster, and fail more quickly.


Visualize and report on activity and search for commits, files, revisions, or teammates across SVN, Git, Mercurial, CVS and Perforce.

  • Compare

    • View changes with a side-by-side or unified diff tool and link your JIRA Software issues directly to diffs, changeset details, or full source.
  • Visualize

    • Get a graphical representation of activity in your source, report on lines of code over time, and get a visual audit trail of changes.
  • Track

    • Follow what’s happening throughout your projects with activity streams showing commits, JIRA Software issues, and Crucible review activities across your team.
  • Search

    • Find code fast with search using any artifact in your code: file names, commit messages, authors, text, and even historical changes.


Collaborative peer code review

Code reviews = quality code. Review code, discuss changes, share knowledge, and identify defects with Crucible’s flexible review workflow. It’s code review made easy for Subversion, CVS, Perforce, and more.