Why Easy Cloud?

Easy Cloud provides strategic business coaching leveraging the best-of-breed AI-based technologies on the market.

With Easy Cloud, you’ll have access to our entire team of highly trained consultants.

We are a family business, choosing to employ people of character and trustworthiness. No matter who you work with, we assure you that you are in good hands.

Our team becomes your team.

On staff, we have solution architects, web developers, programmers, project managers, businesses analysts, HR generalists, cybersecurity engineers, and artificial intelligence specialists.

We can either work with your existing infrastructure and manage them on your behalf, or we can migrate everything to AWS, Azure, or GCP.

In the end, you may prefer a hybrid solution consisting of a portion of your infrastructure staying on-prem and other components moving to the public/private cloud.

With us, you are never locked in. We want to give you multiple options and educate you so that you can make wise decisions.

Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation services provide a flexible solution for businesses looking to enhance their existing teams with specialized skills and expertise.

By leveraging our staff augmentation offerings, companies can seamlessly integrate technical, marketing, and strategic advisors into their teams.

This integration allows businesses to efficiently scale operations, accelerate project timelines, and implement innovative strategies without the long-term commitments of hiring full-time employees.

Our services are designed to fit your unique needs, ensuring that you have the right expertise at the right time to achieve your business objectives and stay competitive in the market.

Whether you’re developing new technology, crafting a marketing campaign, or planning strategic moves, our experts are here to bolster your capabilities and drive your success.


    • Demonstrating sound moral and ethical principles in all that we do.
    • Honesty and trust are central to our work and how we conduct ourselves.
    • We work together with your staff to find the best technological solutions at a price that you can afford.

Caring Customer Service

    • Our relationship with you is important. You are not just another customer. Think of us as partners to help your business thrive. Your mission becomes our mission.
    • We like to give our personal touch by calling (or stopping by in person, if possible) on a monthly basis to ensure that everything is running smoothly and all your technological needs are being met.
    • Enterprise-Level Uptime SLA with guaranteed 24x7x365 phone and ticket response resolution.


    • Our technological experience is extensive with years of experience managing complex large scale applications and migrations. With 22+ years of experience, you can be sure that we’ve seen it all.
    • Our team consists of AWS Certified engineers with multiple accreditations and certifications.
    • ITAR compliant solutions available with pre-approved engineers who are U.S. citizens.
    • All word of mouth business based on 100% customer satisfaction and near perfect customer retention.

Monthly Consulting

Tier 1 Resource

    • Provide marketing assistance
    • Research competitors
    • Harvest email addresses for prospective customers using Snov
    • Use AI to generate articles for blog (OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Claude, Perplexity, Microsoft Copilot, Google Gemini)
    • Use AI to generate custom images for blog (DALL-E, Midjourney)
    • Setup and create daily, weekly, or monthly Beehiiv newsletters
    • Manage Beehiiv Ads and Boosts

Tier 2 Resource

    • Provide technical assistance
    • Perform webmaster duties
    • Add blog posts using AI-generated content
    • Add meta description and focus keywords using RankMath Pro
    • Use RankIQ with AI to generate SEO-optimized content
    • Configure and manage Snov email campaigns

Tier 3 Resource

    • Provide strategic advice
    • Guide Easy Cloud team members to help customer achieve objectives

Breakdown of Consulting Hours

Bronze Plan ($250/month)

    • Tier 3 Resource – 1 hr @ $90/hr
    • Tier 2 Resource – 1 hr @ $60/hr
    • Tier 1 Resource – 1 hr @ $30/hr
    • Subtotal = $180/month
    • Hosting = $70/month

Silver Plan ($450/month)

    • Tier 3 Resource – 1 hr @ $90/hr
    • Tier 2 Resource – 3 hrs @ $60/hr or $180
    • Tier 1 Resource – 5 hrs @ $30/hr or $150
    • Subtotal = $420/month
    • Hosting = $30/month

Gold Plan ($900/month)

    • Tier 3 Resource – 1 hr @ $90/hr
    • Tier 2 – 6 hrs @ $60/hr or $360
    • Tier 1 – 15 hrs @ $30/hr or $450
    • Subtotal = $900
    • Hosting = free

NOTE: You can downgrade plans at any time.

Software fees are not included in our Monthly Plans

(Beehiiv, Snov, RankIQ, AI tools)

I highly recommend Ray Choi and Easy Cloud Solutions! I am more than satisfied with the website and marketing ideas he delivered.

My business is personal image consulting. In the website design stage, I was very particular about the content and visual look I wanted.

Ray utilized great attention to detail and diplomatically explained tweaks to improve my website. He also explained fantastic digital marketing ideas and strategies I could never have known about.

I am blasting out my website and receiving great reviews.

I would strongly recommend Ray, and Easy Cloud Solutions’ team to everyone.

Amy Ellzey, CEO of Colour Me Beautiful – LA