Above: Amazon chief technology officer Werner Vogels announces the EC2 Container Registry at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas on Oct. 8.

Amazon Web Services today announced the EC2 Container Registry, a new tool for storing container images for parts of applications. The launch follows Google’s introduction of its Container Registry at the beginning of this year.

The tool is “a fully managed service … where you can launch your container applications from,” Amazon chief technology officer Werner Vogels said today at the AWS re:Invent conference.

AWS is also launching a new Service Scheduler to run containers across data centers in AWS’ multiple availability zones, as well as an integration of hot container startup Docker’s Compose open-source software and a new ECS command-line interface.

This builds on last year’s announcement of the EC2 Container Service for deploying applications onto Amazon cloud infrastructure. Microsoft, Google, and IBM all have their own comparable services in this area.

Details on the new service were published in a new blog post from AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr.