The Daily Telegraph is the UK’s #1 news brand. Through its newspapers, mobile apps, website, and magazines, the Telegraph reaches 2.1M viewers every day.

Before using Confluence, The Telegraph was outsourcing IT services, and suffering from poor resolution times and lack of transparency. It didn’t have a living knowledge base or an effective collaboration solution for technical teams. Without a content management system or standard document templates, technical teams felt like they were starting from scratch on each new project.

To solve for the challenge, The Telegraph adopted Atlassian with the help of Atlassian Platinum Expert Valiantys. Valiantys helped the Telegraph integrate JIRA Service Desk for internal ticketing, JIRA Software for issue and project tracking, and Confluence for team collaboration.

The team’s space for knowledge base content

Confluence is used as the knowledge base linked with JIRA Service Desk, providing solutions to frequently raised issues so technical teams can quickly respond to internal customer issues. “Every time there’s a ticket in JIRA Service Desk, we check in Confluence to see how to solve it,” says Bhav Makwana, Head of IT Service Operations.

The teams create a Confluence space for every project to share all associated material, from meeting notes to architecture diagrams. As the repository for project details, Confluence keeps everyone on the same page, and integration with JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk keeps content current.

Growing users from 0 to 300 people


Ease of use drove widespread adoption for the Telegraph’s tech teams. Confluence is now the single source of truth for all their important documents, making it easy to introduce new hires to their processes, technical documentation, or project roadmaps. “With Confluence, we can get new people in and say: ‘Read this. Then start tackling tickets,’” explains Bhav Makwana. “Confluence is just easy to get your head around.”

With Confluence, teams have also implemented a standardized content management system with templates and blueprints. “The whole documentation process is now faster and more efficient,” says Lucian Craciun, Head of Digital Operations.

Confluence is powering huge growth for the technical group at the Telegraph. From 2014 to 2016, the Telegraph’s Confluence users expanded from 0 to 300 people. Says Lucian Craciun: “Confluence helps us bring on employees quickly, and readily address employee needs throughout the organization. We couldn’t do that without Atlassian.”

By using Confluence as a robust knowledge base, IT has improved transparency, productivity, and teamwork. More importantly for employees, IT is now easily accessible and delivering faster service. See how you can use Confluence for your IT team!