When I start playing Amazon AWS, one of thing struggling me is the service name introduced by Amazon. As the old-school system admin, I think this infographic may help someone like me to understand the aws services better.


EC2 👉 Virtual Private Server
EC2 Container Service 👉 Docker Management
Lightsail 👉 Similar to DigitalOcean
Elastic Beanstalk 👉 Similar to Heroku
Lambda 👉 Functions as a service
Batch 👉 Run batch job on VPS


S3 👉 Similar to Dropbox
EFS 👉 Network Attached Storage
Glacier 👉 Long-term backup
Storage Gateway 👉 Connecting Cloud Storage


DynamoDB 👉 Relational Databases Service
DynamoDB 👉 NoSQL Database Service
ElastiCache 👉 Memcached & Redis Service
Redshift 👉 Data Warehousing

Networking & Content Delivery

VPC 👉 Virtual Network
CloudFront 👉 Content Delivery Network
Direct Connect 👉 Connecting Cloud Network
Route 53 👉 Similar to GoDaddy


Application Discovery Service 👉 Collect Application Info
DMS 👉 Cross Database Migration
Server Migration 👉 Migrate Server to Cloud
Snowball 👉 Petabyte Data Transfer

Developer Tools

CodeCommit 👉 Similar to GitHub
CodeBuild 👉 Managed Build Service
CodeDeploy 👉 Similar to Heroku
CodePipeline 👉 Similar to CircleCI
X-Ray 👉 Similar to New Relic

Management Tools

CloudWatch 👉 Similar to New Nagios
CloudFormation 👉 Infrastructure as Code
CloudTrail 👉 Logging aws user activities
Config 👉 Monitor AWS resource config
OpsWorks 👉 Configurations as Code
Service Catalog 👉 Preset AWS Service
Trusted Advisor 👉 Give advise for your AWS
Managed Services 👉 Managed AWS Services

Security, Identity & Compliance

IAM 👉 Users, Keys & Certs
Inspector 👉 Security Assessment
Certificate 👉 Free Certificate
Directory Service 👉 Managed Microsoft AD
WAF & Shield 👉 Defence web exploits & DDoS
AWS Artifact 👉 Compliance Reports


Athena 👉 Analyze PB of data in S3
EMR 👉 Managed Hadoop Framework
CloudSearch 👉 Similar to ElasticSearch
Elasticsearch Service 👉 Managed ElasticSearch
Kinesis 👉 Similar to Kafka
Data Pipeline 👉 ETL from elsewhere in AWS
QuickSight 👉 Business Analytics Service

Artificial Intelligence

Lex 👉 Conversational Interfaces
Polly 👉 Text to Speech
Rekognition 👉 Image Recognition
Machine Learning 👉 Predict from existing data

Internet Of Things

AWS Iot 👉 Connect devices to AWS

Contact Center

Amazon Connect 👉 Connect Center Service

Game Development

Amazon GameLift 👉 Managed Game Servers

Mobile Services

Mobile Hub 👉 Mobile Apps Platform
Cognito 👉 Similar to Auth0
Device Farm 👉 Testing app in real mobiles
Mobile Analytics 👉 Similar to Flurry
Pinpoint 👉 Targeted Push Notification

Application Services

Step Functions 👉 Build app via visual workflow
SWF 👉 Similar to Iron.io
API Gateway 👉 Similar to 3Scale
Elastic Transcoder👉 Video transcoding in AWS


Simple Queue Service 👉 Similar to Sidekiq
Simple Notification Service 👉 Push Notification Service
SES 👉 Similar to MailChimp

Business Productivity

WorkDocs 👉 Similar to Google Docs
WorkMail 👉 Google Apps for Domains
Amazon Chime 👉 Similar to Skype

Desktop & App Streaming

Amazon WorkSpaces 👉 Desktop as a Service
AppStream 2.0 👉 Similar to citrix

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