We want to let all of our customers know of an important licensing change for the Atlassian suite. Atlassian licensing is confusing to begin with so we thought we would highlight the key pieces of information you need to know.

As of February 2, 2021 PT, Atlassian will no longer sell new licenses for their Server products and will cease new feature development in their Server product line. Here is their full announcement.

February 2, 2024 – Server product and server Marketplace end of life

Most customers will move to the Atlassian cloud. However, those with special requirements (ITAR, HIPAA, etc.) will be forced to purchase the Data Center editions.

Unfortunately, this means a significant bump in price. Confluence Data Center edition costs $27,000/yr for 0-500 users. Jira Software Data Center edition costs $42,000/year for 0-500 users.

From February 2, 2021, our server and Data Center developer ecosystem will continue to be able to obtain 10 user, $10, self-hosted licenses, for development purposes only. Instructions for obtaining a developer self-hosted license:

First, navigate to the self-hosted order form 92.

  • If you are seeing “Contact Support”
    • Select ‘Billing, Payments and Pricing’ > ‘Help with a quote or order’ > ‘Quote for Data Center products’
    • In the box ‘Tell us the products and number of users you would like included in your quote’, insert the following text: This request is for a server license, specifically to develop Atlassian Marketplace apps. Please create a quote for a Starter license for the following products so I can make payment online: <Insert names of products required i.e. Jira Software, Confluence, or other>.
    • Support maintenance period: Select 12 months
    • Complete remainder of details

Since Server production licenses are no longer available, you can still contact us and we have some Server production licenses that can still be re-activated. Please contact us to inquire about purchasing those licenses.

Data Center editions come with Priority Support. We recommend customers who have the Server edition to purchase Priority Support (the cost is $5,000). Read more about Atlassian’s Support Offerings.